Rakshanda Films

Rakshanda Films Production Pvt. Ltd. is a film production house based in Kathmandu ,which is highly creative, flexible, innovative and diverse established in 2007 and ever since, the company has been on a steady growth curve in the sphere of motion picture production and distribution in Nepal. Dinesh Sharma is founder and proprietor. This company conducts film acting training too. For over 9 years, Rakshanda Films has produced some Nepali films like 'PRATIGHAT' , 'MAHAN', 'DANAV' and 'RAMJANE'. Among them, 'PRATIGHAT' , 'MAHAN', 'DANAV' has been successfully released but RAMJANE is in process of release in theater of Nepal. A new Nepali movie project no. 5 is upcoming project and it is almost finished song recording and scripting.Recently, Rakshanda Films Production has organized charity show for health treatment support for reputed actor Dipak Kshetri at Kathmandu.

Dinesh Sharma

Dinesh Sharma

Asian actor, producer and director

Dinesh Sharma is a Famous and Legendary Asian actor, producer and director of Neplease film industry. As his first debut movie is “CHATYANG” produced by Bishwomurti films pvt. Ltd and directed by Pratap Shubba on early 2049 B.S. During the more than 25 years, Mr. Sharma has been worked on more than 200 Nepalese featured film as an actor on different character. Besides an actor, Mr. Sharma also recognize as a public personality.For social awareness, Mr. Sharma has worked more than dozen documentary for awareness of HIV/AIDS; and dozen of TV serials as an actor. For educational awareness program ,Mr. Sharma has been traveled rural area of Nepal.

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